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Dr. Alexander Sidawi, DO

Adult Psychiatrist

Hello there, I’m Dr. Alexander Sidawi. My colleagues would describe me as a diligent, knowledgeable and ethical person with a warm and welcoming demeanor. I am thankful to have completed my training at the University of Florida College of Medicine, where I worked with a diverse patient population in a variety of settings including a large outpatient clinic, 7 inpatient units, 5 emergency rooms, and 1700+ beds across Shands and VA hospitals. I have extensive experience using medications and therapy to treat all psychiatric illnesses, with a particular interest in depression, anxiety, ADHD, OCD, PTSD and substance use.


You're more than just a pill, and medications are just one part of the puzzle when it comes to mental health. I value looking at the bigger picture with you to understand other aspects that could be affecting your mental health. l feel it is an obligation to provide the best patient care possible and part of that means I don't push lucrative new treatments or medications that are not yet backed up by extensive data. I value autonomy and won't make you feel forced to start or stay on medications you are not comfortable with. I provide patients with the medical information to make informed decisions including the risks, benefits, and alternatives of treatment.

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