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10 Things You Should Not Do During the Coronavirus Outbreak

You have already got lots of info regarding how to deal with your mental health or what to manage yourself during the COVID-19 pandemic in our earlier posts. We have consulted the professionals to make a detailed list of the things you should not do during the Coronavirus outbreak. Read this post to the end to reduce the scopes of spreading the deadly virus.

1. Don’t Touch Your Face

Medical experts of the WHO have suggested to us repeatedly not to touch our mouth, nose, and face frequently. This lowers the scopes of transmitting the virus as infection from hands can’t reach the mouth or nose from it infects the body. Keep your hands clean to lower the scopes of the spreading of infection.

2. Avoid Close Proximity of Everybody

Don’t get close to anybody, particularly laughing or touching closely. Utilize anti-pollution masks while going outside with family members or friends. Don’t touch anybody and don’t utilize similar utensils utilized by another person. These easy ways can do awesome until the pandemic comes to the end.

3. Don’t Panic

The COVID-19 outbreak has made everyone worried. The web is packed with data regarding the deadly virus and its spread. Some information pieces are wrong, causing panic amongst people. If you know basic measures, follow them to save yourself from getting infected.

4. Avoid Public Transportation

Traveling by train, bus or flight can spread the infection. Carry a hand sanitizer and utilize anti-pollution masks while going somewhere. Try to travel in your car and abstain from the public vehicle. If you feel ill, just avoid traveling and visit a doctor ASAP.

5. Avoid Crowded Places

Crowded places like gyms, metros, and public transports must be avoided. More numbers of people can spread the virus more. If you find symptoms, self-quarantine yourself instead of visiting a doctor. Stay isolated and don’t come in proximity to lots of people to prevent the spread of the virus.

6. No Self-Treatment Is Suggested

If you are having symptoms like breathing shortness, nausea, back pain, or dry cough, visit a doctor instead of choosing self-treatment, which can make you sick. Don’t take antibiotics as it would cause antibiotic resistance later.

7. Avoid Alternative Treatments

If you get affected by the virus, don’t look for alternative therapies. No treatment has been proved to be effective for the treatment. So, just follow your doctor’s suggestions. Get proper medical care and quarantine yourself.

8. Don’t Spit

Spitting can raise the virus’ spread. Don’t spit at home and in public places. Don’t get near to an ill person suffering from cough and cold.

9. Don’t Forget To Wash Hands

Wash your hands after returning from public places, after sneezing or coughing, before making or eating food, and after using the bathroom.

10. Don’t Cough or Sneeze Openly

Sneeze or cough into a disposable tissue or your elbow’s crook.

If you follow this list of things you should not do during the Coronavirus pandemic, we can pass this outbreak with fewer demises and fewer infections.

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