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A Bright Side To Sheltering In Place With Your Family

Yes, The Lockdown Has A Bright Side Too!

For several families, staying home and limiting contact with others have caused extreme financial, relational, and mental distress. By now, after months of social distancing, many people are feeling anxious at the thought of continuing to stay home.

For more than a month under complete lockdown in an attempt to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, our life has changed in each possible way. On one side, people are afraid of catching the Coronavirus; being quarantined from society, family, friends, and co-workers; the constant flow of sad contagion-related news; and stress about the finances, future, the forthcoming economic recession, and job security. All of this has highly had an intensely negative effect on people’s mental health.

On the other hand, if you look through as optimistic, you can find several positives of this lockdown period. Despite all the possible difficulties, people have shown extreme patience. They have learned to cope with all the challenging circumstances so efficiently.

We Are Getting Chances to Spend Quality Time to Bond with Our Family

There are families who are only finding the negative side of this lockdown period – the extra stress of handling working from home with kids, job loss, or having an old parent for taking care of. Of course, there are issues of depression, loneliness, and anxiety. However, this time with family may be some time that can act wonderfully to reduce your stress.

Some families have changed this lockdown period into a family vacation. In several homes, the domestic duties have become fun projects of the family, so that the chores don’t fall on a single person.

Also, the children are organizing their own beds, cleaning their things, and helping in bigger house works. Families are working out together, cooking meals and eating together, playing games, watching movies together, reminiscing good times from the past and making amazing new memories, and having awesome conversations.

Being isolated from others is also letting us make our relationships strong. We are seeking old friends on social platforms and reconnecting with them. Be it our co-workers, friends, relatives, or neighbors, we are all in the same boat currently. We all have understood that the current situation requires social distancing and not emotional distancing. So, talk to people whom you want to.


This is a good time to have healthier, lighter conversation, fun chit-chats, and share a few laughs. And many people are doing the same. In short, this pandemic has a bright side to sheltering in place with your family for sure. People know their emotional needs now; they understand others better and are bonding with another like never before. So, this lockdown has its own set of positives which you should maintain even after this pandemic has passed.

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