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Should Your Child Wear a Mask to Protect Against COVID-19? Things to Know

According to the suggestions from CDC regarding masks that people must wear in public settings for preventing the spread of the Coronavirus, parents have lots of queries and questions like whether their kids should wear it or not. So, should your child wear a mask to protect against COVID-19? Let’s explain in this blog in detail!

Why Is It Essential For Kids To Wear Mask Presently?

The Coronavirus can spread in several ways, particularly when individuals are in close contact. Research shows that many people who are carrying the virus don’t show symptoms, making it potential for them to spread the infectious disease without being aware of it.

Wearing masks help prevent people who have symptoms like a cough and people without symptoms, from spreading the fatal disease when they express viral droplets from their mouth or nose through speaking, sneezing, or coughing. Moreover, it helps a person keep his/her hands away from the face; hence, they will less possibly infect themselves after getting in contact with a contaminated person or surface.

When Should Kids Wear Masks?

Kids more than 2 years old must wear a mask:

  • · When they are in a place where they can be in close contact with contaminated surfaces and cannot keep their hands off the surfaces.

  • · When they are in settings where social distancing can’t be maintained, incorporating both indoor and outdoor ambiances.

  • · In case they are having symptoms of COVID-19 like fever, coughing, and other symptoms that are shown in kids with the virus.

  • If your kid stays home with other members, they don’t have to wear masks, unless they may have been experiencing symptoms of the Coronavirus. Kids must not wear masks:

  • · If they can’t remove masks with no support

  • · If they have difficulty breathing

  • · If they are not 2 years old

How to Discuss the Necessity of Wearing Masks to Kids

Making a kid understand the necessity of wearing masks can make the procedure simpler. Discuss how masks can prevent everybody from spreading the virus. Clarify that acts like coughing and sneezing can often spread germs and wearing masks is the best prevention method.

How to Ensure That a Kid Is Wearing a Mask Properly

To get the ultimate protection from a mask, you need to cover your mouth and nose with it completely. While wearing, it should not be touched, as it can spread the contamination. Once your child is wearing the mask, ensure he/she can breathe properly. When it is prepared to be removed, ensure it is removed by the ties or straps.

Ensure that your kid washes his/her hands before putting the mask on and after taking it off. This is going to prevent any germ that is present on their hands or masks from spreading. In case the kid is using a cloth mask, remember to wash it properly after every use.

Remember that your child must wear a mask to protect against COVID-19 and wearing masks must not be replaced with other prevention measures.

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