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College Life and COVID-19: Is it Possible to Stay Safe?

The college life before COVID-19 was utterly different. Although many of those activities cannot take place currently, some students still want to make most of their college life despite the pandemic. And due to this, college campuses are quickly becoming hot spots for COVID-19. This has been a stressful year for everyone who is sending their kids out into the world. On top of this, parents are very worried and are wondering whether it is possible to keep their kids safe and manage college life and COVID-19 together.

It’s a tough thing to get their normal college life back. Hence, all you need is to educate students and motivate them to stay safe on the college campus. Let’s take a look at the following questions and answers to know how to stay safe on college campuses, dorms, classrooms, and dining halls!

1. What Should You Ask Your College Regarding Safety Before Going Back To The Classroom?

Don’t forget to ask your college regarding their processes and policies that they will apply for promoting safe behaviours in the college ambience and their plans for preventing the spread of the Corona virus. Also, ask what changes they have made in the disinfecting and cleaning processes of common places on campus, toilets, and classrooms.

2. What Are The Biggest Risks For Students Going To Colleges?

No wonder, the biggest risk is becoming infected with the Corona virus while at college, creating an outbreak in the dorms, at home, and local communities while leaving college campus. You may already know that young people can spread the virus, get infected, and become extremely sick from this virus also. The risk gradually extends when students don’t follow any preventative measures like social distancing.

3. What Must You Consider In Case You Will Share a Dormitory Room with Somebody?

According to what you know regarding Corona virus transmission, the present dorm setup should be changed for safety. Maximum dormitories will possibly not be in use at complete capacity and single rooms may be accessible. Nevertheless, for those sharing rooms, you should follow preventative measures like frequent hand washing, face covering, regular disinfection of surfaces, commonly touched objects, and shared places. If a roommate feels ill, the dormitory admin must be informed instantly and COVID 19 testing and protocol for isolation must be followed if suspected.

4. Is it Safe to Have Lunch in the College Dining Hall?

If you can avoid eating in the college dining space, you are recommended to do that. Any gathering place like the dining hall must be avoided as they pose a risk of Corona virus transmission if only one person is infected. Nevertheless, college dining halls should be changed in a way that it will be comparatively safe for students for dining in with social distancing.

If you are a parent, talk openly about college life and COVID-19 with your kids as talking to them and conveying appropriate info can help them abstain from high-risk behaviours while attending the college.

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