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What Is the COVID-19 Pandemic Revealing About You?

We all are waiting for the COVID-19 pandemic to unveil our future. For now, it is just unveiling distances and disparities between us and inside us. The virus outbreak has impacted us all. This global stressor has unveiled our individual vulnerability. So, what is the COVID-19 pandemic revealing about you? Have you noticed it personally?

You should observe yourself these days because you might unveil something essential about who you are and how you meet the world. People don’t change their comfortable patterns unless they are compelled to do so. The things you are now observing will not just affect you in this crisis but can guide your behavior, feelings, thoughts subtly you are even unaware of, but that impact your lifestyle and your position in a relationship.

So, what might you get to know about yourself from your reactions to the Coronavirus crisis? Ponder the below-mentioned areas:


This tough period can show the wounds you are carrying, possibly from long ago. It may bring up sorrowful emotions from early trauma, or tough experiences from your childhood days.


Social isolation has transformed the routines and rhythms of our lives. You have to stay well emotionally and mentally. You can easily ignore your requirements when they are fulfilled continuously and miss them more badly when they are not met.


People have aspects of themselves that they are not aware of. Psychologists call it their shadow. For instance, a parent who is basically patient and kind to his/her children may be able to handle impatience and irritability. These hidden habits can have strong impacts on their lives even if they are not aware of them. Generally, you cannot see your shadow, but it becomes more visible during a stressful period. So, what many of you may hate about this outbreak is that its unveiling parts of yourselves you would simply as early keep hidden away: your doubt whether you see yourself as trustworthy, your fearfulness whether you pride yourself on your bravery, and your fits of anger in case you are hurt.


When people feel threatened, they try to defend themselves. These defenses can be self-protective. But at a point, the expenses might outweigh the perks. The COVID-19 pandemic may trigger the feeling of getting threatened. So, what defense systems will you activate for keeping you secure?


The COVID-19 pandemic may let you realize what brings you alive. Moreover, you might learn what you are passionate about not being capable of doing it.


The pandemic does not just unveil your negative sides and weakness but also shows your strengths and positive sides. You might understand you can change more than you knew. You may discover your courage or strength that you were unaware of.


You may have learned what the COVID-19 pandemic is revealing about you, but you don’t have to work on them immediately. Consider this period as a time for self-discovery. For further guidance, you may contact a therapist.

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