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How to Get Through COVID-19 Challenges to OCD and ED Recovery

People who are recovering from an eating disorder and OCD, the COVID-19 pandemic can be a challenge to them. The inadequacy of food on grocery stores and the shutdown of food outlets and numerous restaurants can prompt somebody who has won over an eating disorder. Precaution activities, such as sanitizing surfaces and hands often, can stimulate the anxiety disorder of a person with OCD. Hence, for disrupting these COVID-19 challenges to OCD and ED recovery, you need to put some control over these triggering thoughts. Let’s discuss how to get through these challenging times!

Getting Through COVID-19 Challenges

During this pandemic, people require support. Self-isolation can make it more difficult. You must stay connected with your family and friends in several ways. You don’t need to discuss your struggles; you may connect and talk about something other than COVID-19. This can reduce your anxiety and bulging thoughts.

1. Reach Out To a Knowledgeable Person

You may find it useful to reach out to somebody who has knowledge about the challenges you are facing. He or she may teach you the methods to win over the challenges. It will be better if you contact a mental health professional for psychological support. Call them in case of any crisis you face.

2. Involve In Any of Your Old Behaviors

Take a break for 5 minutes or set an alarm for 20 minutes and involve in other activities. You may have the impulse to involve in any of your old behaviors. You can take a walk, text a friend, permit the urge to pass, or watch a YouTube video.

3. Maintain a Routine

Don’t be so worried about disinfecting or washing a lot. Fix times to do these things and practice these activities only at those particular times, such as when somebody comes or goes, when you come back from outside, and permit yourself for just doing it for 3 to 5 minutes or once. To refrain from restrictive or impulsive behaviors, keep a routine, and plan your meals. Keep yourself strong and honor the hard work you have done by now.

4. Retry the Handling Methods You Used Before For Defeating the Behavior

Did exercising, yoga, meditating, or journaling help you before? If yes, then you can easily give them another try even after you have moved on to another stage of your life.

5. Take a Sound Sleep

Sleep is restorative and it’s better if you sleep a little more during the Coronavirus outbreak. It increases your inner strength and recognition ability. It helps you get back on track. To develop your skills, your mind needs rest. And having a sound sleep only can make you stress-free.

6. Avoid Visiting Grocery Stores

Ask somebody else to purchase your groceries and have them delivered. In case you have no option and you have to go yourself, go in the evening and the places are crowd-free at that time.

So, these are a few techniques to get through COVID-19 challenges to OCD and ED recovery. Pamper yourself a bit more during this stressful time!

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