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How To Detect If I Have Social Anxiety?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Social anxiety is anxiousness and panic caused while interacting with others or embarrassment caused due to overthinking social interactions. Social anxiety hinders a person's lifestyle and limits the evolution of relationships which can severely worsen one's mental health.

The illness affects a person's ability to socialize due to ensuing stress or at times panic attacks. Social anxiety often leads to a person suffering from depression and other mental issues. Hence it is necessary to understand whether one is affected by social anxiety or not in order to ensure positive and healthy wellbeing.

Signs That You Are Suffering From Social Anxiety

Social anxiety is often confused with being an introvert due to which it is undetected in many people. This could severely damage a person's health and hence it is necessary to diagnose it before it gets worse. In order to treat a problem, it is first essential to diagnose it. Listed below are signs that suggest that you are suffering from social anxiety.

1) Social Interactions Scare You:

People with social anxiety often worry about being judged and ridiculed due to which interacting with others causes them to feel scared. They often avoid such situations due to the fear of saying the wrong thing or boring people.

2) You Are Labeled As An Introvert:

Socially anxious people tend to be quiet and withdrawn in social situations which are often mistaken for being shy or reclusive. They opt to not take part in discussions due to fear of being ridiculed for saying the wrong opinion.

3) Specific Interactions Cause Distress:

Being introduced to new people or performing in front of an audience often causes great distress. Situations, where they are criticized, teased, or tested, can often cause anxiety and even panic attacks.

4) You Practice Conversations:

They often practice their speech or opinions that they are going to present or stories that they are going to say in their mind before speaking out loud. They overthink thoughts in conversations to avoid judgment.

5) You Avoid Social Situations:

Socially anxious people often make excuses to avoid socializing or going out in order to avoid distress and fear. They want to form bonds but typically stay within themselves to avoid the anxiety that ensues in such situations.

If you relate or experience such emotions it is most likely that you are suffering from social anxiety. We at Refresh Psychiatry offer the best services in Davie to help treat you. We treat people from all backgrounds and age groups. Our most common clientele usually consists of university graduates and people living in the suburbs.

Why Choose Refresh Psychiatry?

Living with social anxiety can take a toll on your complete health, destroying relationships, and often causing loneliness. We at Refresh Psychiatry boast of offering the best treatment in Davie for social anxiety and other mental health issues. Some of the benefits of choosing us are:

• We offer personalized treatment that specifically works on your issues.

• You don't need to wait in lines before your visit. We offer the immediate treatment without any delay.

• Our staff is here to help you with any issue or concern and you can also avail of treatment via phone calls.

• We believe in opting for a comprehensive approach with therapy that helps treat not only social anxiety but also any other disorder that you may be experiencing.

So contact Refresh Psychiatry and ensure an effective treatment that will help better your wellbeing and improve your overall lifestyle.

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