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How to Escape an “I Give Up” Mindset

escaping an “I give up” mindset

Whenever you feel alone, depressed, or fall short of accomplishing your target, you may give up. For escaping an “I give up” mindset and letting go of all negativities, you need serious motivation. If you want to change yourself and better yourself, you must open up to approaching yourself more positively. Although people often require doing more for helping improve their morale, they directly require building self-acceptance.

Causes of an “I Give Up” Mindset

In case you feel helpless and overwhelmed, you may start giving up and considering that you have done something wrong. Sometimes, depression creates these I-give-up thoughts. Usually, it produces an inadequacy of motivation and intense sorrow that hinders an individual from seeing above that.

Anxiety is another source of I-give-up thoughts, which can often make you feel weak. However, it can be a general reason also. The fear of doing something and what will happen in case you do it. And this is what makes some individuals wish to give up even before trying.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) is another cause that makes a person wants to give up. Several symptoms impact an individual when they catch PTSD, causing him/her to feel liking quitting. A few symptoms include panic attacks, fear, low self-confidence, sadness, and negative cognitions.

Undoubtedly, mental health problems make people feel hopeless. Aside from anxiety and depression, their life circumstances can create this turnover. Henceforth, life circumstances can be another reason for producing an I-give-up thought.

How to Deal with Depressive “I-Give-Up” Thoughts

If you feel low or a situation has created that challenges your encouragement, try to prevent yourself as early as you think to give up.

You can go for a fast mind and body scan and check whether something or somebody is the reason behind this inadequacy of motivation. This will help you take initiatives fast and analyze what might be the reason behind these feelings of despair.

If you pay heed to your unwanted feelings, try not to get angry at yourself or panic. You may have unfavorable feelings, but you have to cope up with them and motivate yourself. Hence, acknowledge the feelings and let it know that you can still control yourself.

Revive your thoughts as it can be advantageous in the long run. You have to be optimistic. Rather than giving up on something, just reframe your thoughts and think that you can do it.

Moreover, you can practice visualization. Just imagine yourself doing something tough because of an inadequacy of motivation. If you practice the strategy more, it may become easier to achieve the target you feel like losing on.

Also, you can ask yourself in case the issue will matter in some time, which helps you beware of how bad your condition is. Maximum time, it’s not that bad.


If you need motivation for escaping an “I give up” mindset, feel free to discuss with your friends, loved ones, or mental health professional. Consider therapy to achieve your happiness and motivation again.

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