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How to Get Started With Online Therapy during COVID-19 Lockdown Period

COVID-19 pandemic has increased the number of people having mental health problems. The stress and panic of this lockdown period and the disease just add to the growing issue. Sometimes, for people facing mental health problems, therapy is the best way to handle what is going on in their lives. Nevertheless, during this lockdown, face-to-face therapy is tough as well. Hence, you should opt for online therapy. But you must find a therapist best-fit for you. So, here are a few tips on how to get started with online therapy during COVID-19 lockdown period:

1. Make Your Issue Clear and Decide Your Purpose for Therapy

Explain what you are struggling with, how you want to act, feel or think differently, how you want the various areas of your life to be different, and how you will know when your treatment is successful.

2. Get Referrals

In case your insurance needs you to get a list of therapists in your locality by using an in-network provider, then search for a therapist. Make sure to find referrals. Start your search for the therapist by getting referrals from your doctor, friends, or family. If you cannot find a therapist from a personal recommendation, opt for other ways to find somebody.

3. Contact the Available Therapists

When you find a potential therapist or some of them, visit their website (in case they have any) and reach out to them for having more details about their experience and ways of treatments. You may ask the therapists about their practicing years, whether he/she licensed, their area of specialty, etc. After clarifying your situation briefly, ask whether they can treat your issue. Also, let them inform you what treatment type they will apply for you.

Regardless of how experienced a therapist is, your treatment’s success will be impacted by your bonding with the therapist. Hence, assess the first session or a few sessions to check your faith and connection with the therapist. Before committing to working with a therapist regularly, ensure that you have made a perfect choice for you.

4. Be Mentally Prepared For Awkwardness

Online therapy will give you a different experience regardless of what. At first, it will appear tough and new for both of you. Don’t be surprised if you don’t feel synchronized with the therapist. Don’t think that online therapy is not at all working for you if you get some hurdles. You must keep continuous and open communication with the therapist to bridge every communication gap if it is there.

Bottom Lines

When you are working with a therapist, give him/her the chance to work properly. Thereby, you need to tell him/her your concerns about the treatment or if you feel the treatment is not working. This is . If you actively work with the therapist in this way, both of you how to get started with online therapy during the COVID-19 lockdown can fulfill the targets you decided at the starting of therapy and possibly develop in other ways as well.

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