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Mental Health Tips for Coronavirus Social Distancing

As are now undergoing this unwanted and new stage of Coronavirus pandemic, we are getting almost flooded with instructions about the ways to keep our families and ourselves virus-free and healthy. And social distancing is one of the major prevention methods. Although this method will safeguard our physical health, isolation can damage our mental health. Being isolated at home for a maximized period poses risks to your emotional and mental health. Hence,

1. Enjoy the sunshine

Since you are not allowed to get out of the house unless you are in need of buying some daily essentials during this lockdown period, you can go to your backyard and enjoy the sunshine. As long as you are following the suggested instructions for social distancing during the Coronavirus outbreak, this is a great way to improve your mood.

2. Stay in touch with your loved ones and friends online

Use video chat for maintaining human interaction as much as possible during the social distancing period. If you cannot access a video chat app like Skype or FaceTime, just get your mobile and send a text message.

3. Work your brain out

This is the ideal time for reading books or taking up a new brain-challenging hobby such as Sudoku or Puzzles.

4. Limit watching news

You are not suggested to avoid the news altogether, but try to limit your exposure to the continuous updates surrounding the Coronavirus. Stay updated by selecting a small time window for watching the news or reading online articles. Practice some healthy, positive habits during the rest of your day.

5. Try meditation or yoga

In this situation, you can easily get paralyzed with anxiety and fear. In case you feel the same, take deep breaths. Take at least 5 minutes for doing yoga or meditating to get a positive effect on your mental condition.

6. Involve in group activities

Take the benefit of your time together and involve in group activities, such as movie night, cooking a family meal, or board games.

7. Reduce alcohol consumption

It may appear like a great idea to have a drink, but alcohol can gradually maximize your depression and make your immune system weaker. So, if you want to have alcoholic drinks, just do it moderately and responsibly.

8. Make a daily routine

When you are quarantined at home, you can easily fall into a rut. So, make an easy-to-do list to keep you busy and stay away from bad thoughts. Do not just burden yourself with unwanted stress.

9. Do the things you prefer

Do the things that you actually want to do and discover a way of doing them even if it needs some changes.

Alongside the aforesaid mental health tips for Coronavirus social distancing, you should remember that you are not alone in this situation. Consult a specialist if you are suffering from mental distress!

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