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Different Ways to Protect Yourself during Coronavirus Outbreak

The new Coronavirus has spread speedily since the December outbreak in China’s Wuhan. As of early April, over 1 million positive cases have been confirmed in the world. And the WHO has declared the disease officially a pandemic. You must take some precautions as the threat has become widespread. The virus seems to be spreading in the community in some affected geographic locations also. The government has already applied different protective measures. And you also must execute different ways to protect yourself during the Coronavirus outbreak. In this blog, learn how.

1. Execute Respiratory Hygiene

Use a tissue whenever you sneeze or cough and throw it in the trash. In case you don’t have tissues, cough into your arm’s crook rather than utilizing your hand. Abstain from sneezing or coughing near other people if possible.

2. Regularly Wash Your Hands

Wash your hands completely. Use enough amount of water and soap or a hand sanitizer for killing a virus on your hands if there any. Scrub your hands for almost 20 seconds, and ensure to clean your palms, thumbs, and fingers.

3. Keep a Social Distance Maintained

Beware of people who are around you and maintain a distance from anybody sneezing or coughing. Keep at least 1 meter of distance for preventing inhaling the tiny liquid droplets sprayed by sneezes and coughs.

4. Abstain From Touching Your Mouth, Nose, and Eyes

You may touch taps, keyboards, door handles, and many other surfaces. Hence, the virus could be picked up easily this way. Touching your mouth or nose or rubbing eyes could help the virus move from your hands to the body.

5. Stay Updated

You must have precise data regarding COVID-19 and its spread. Beware, because there is a lot of misinformation, fake news, and scaremongering found on social platforms, which can spoil your efforts to protect yourself during this pandemic outbreak.

6. Wear a Face Mask

CDC recommends people wearing face masks in public settings. This is particularly encouraged in conditions when social distancing is hard to maintain and in locations of community-based transmission. People with novel Coronavirus could be pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic, so they should follow this recommendation. It doesn’t replace social distancing suggestions, while this measure is taken to help reduce the spread. Also, N-95 respirators and surgical masks must be stored for medical first responders and healthcare employees.

7. Restrict Unnecessary Traveling

Excepting buying essential products from the pharmacy, grocery shops, etc, do not go outside. Abstain from all nonessential trips to abroad. For older people or those who are underlying medical conditions, should refrain from a long-distance journey.

8. Try to Keep Yourself Calm

Along with your physical health, you must take care of your mental health. Higher stress levels or depression can harm your immune system. In case you feel extremely anxious regarding COVID-19, contact a psychotherapist for keeping your nerves calm.


So, these are different ways to protect yourself during the Coronavirus outbreak. Check CDC updates to stay informed. Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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