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The Psychological Impact of the COVID-19 Epidemic on Students

The Coronavirus has resulted in a massive change in the lifestyle of individuals in the last few moths. Since its outbreak, the Coronavirus has been impacting people emotionally, financially, and physically also. Because of an unexpected change in the whole world as an outcome of the pandemic, the social lives of individuals were destroyed.

The Effects of the COVID-19 on Students’ Psychological Health

From a daily routine of going to schools and colleges, students were all locked up in their houses in the blink of eyes as an outcome of the lockdown. This drastic and sudden transformation caused a change in the mental and emotional balance of students also. The constant stay at home somewhere caused psychological stress as there was no face to face interaction between students and teachers. The feeling of hopelessness regarding the epidemic struck almost every student; the anxiety of getting impacted also stopped them from moving out of their houses. Students had to adjust to the new normal, i.e. studying online which has its complexes of keeping up with sufficient learning, handling courses, etc.

Moreover, the uncertain environment also caused the fear of being failed in the minds of many students. For students, this has been a difficult time – some had their exams left to be conducted, where some others on the verge of the completion of their degree had a huge uncertainty regarding their future career.

According to mental health analysis, students feel sad, overwhelmed, very lonely, had overwhelming depression, encountered feelings of despair, or were anxious to the point where functioning was tough, all of which was higher than last year. Students were also more susceptible than in earlier years to involve in interpersonal violence, intentionally hurt themselves, consider suicide seriously, and attempt suicide. Moreover, it has been found that suicide is the main reason for death in students.

How Students Can Get Rid of the Mental Agony Formed by COVID-19 Pandemic

In the mean time, several schools and colleges continued online learning. Focusing properly on studies became a matter of worry in this difficult time of a global pandemic. While everybody appears to be stressed out, it is definite for students to feel the psychological effect also. The single way out of this poor psychological after-effect appears to be resorting to a positive mentality.

Just a positive mindset can help come out from a negative circumstance. While many of these psychological effects continue to annoy students, changes in their lifestyle might help come out of anxiety and depression. Yoga is another amazing way to maintain both physical health and a healthy mind. There is no vaccine yet for preventing this global pandemic and its impacts. Hence, creating immunity might be the best attempt to get rid of the psychological impact of the COVID-19.

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