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Tips for Helping Your College Student through the COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Aug 20, 2020

It can be difficult to handle your student’s reaction to the COVID-19 outbreak. Uncertainty, anxiety, and feelings of fear may come upon their mind and these are normal. Although people often can start to feel stuck in these emotions, become frantic, or avoid recognition of these reactions. You should encourage your student for learning how to face the current uncertainty and deal with their emotional ups and downs. Remember that feelings of concern are always not verbal; hence, pay heed to behavioral changes also. Whether you are a parent or a caregiver, you can use these tips for helping your college student through the COVID-19 pandemic.

1. Acknowledge the Reality

Not going to college anymore and not concerned for exams and practical submissions might appear like a comfortable lifestyle. However, with time, staying home all the time during a lockdown can affect your mental health and productivity badly. Thereby, you must remember that it’s not a vacation from school. Amid this time, help students in practicing self-compassion for what they are undergoing. Let them communicate with family members regarding what is difficult about this change. Talking at these times can help them accept reality and deal with the mental agony during the COVID-19 pandemic better.

2. Be Compassionate, Kind, and Patient

Don’t forget that everybody is encountering a lot of emotions currently. And rational thought is low when emotions are high. So, give your students time for thinking through their thoughts and handle their responses. Let them recognize how they dealing with the negative emotions you may be feeling. Students are trying to live at home but they are feeling trapped simply as you may be loaded with your emotions and turmoil to your regular regime.

3. Make It Simple for Reaching Out for Support

Students should be capable of communicating whether they don’t feel like themselves. In case in-person assistance may not be as immediately available presently, many doctors can offer support over the phone and via telehealth. Students must have a low threshold to reach out and explore the resources their school can remotely provide.

4. Stay Positive

This is simple during this outbreak to concentrate on the disappointments or negatives you are feeling. Help your college student stay positive by restricting watching the news, sharing and talking about past happy events, and correcting all misinformation. Being positive does not imply you must ignore feeling uncertain, disappointed, and sad. Work for making a balance that enables you and your family to look ahead with a sense of shared intention and a renewed energy.


There you have it – easy and helpful tips for helping your college student through the COVID-19 pandemic. These tips will help your student stay fit both mentally and physically. These are tough and disrupting times. And all people are in this together. Do everything you can to bring happiness in a student’s life, eliminate stress, and enjoy family time together. Follow the rules and regulations issued by the Government to grow a healthier and stronger community.

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