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Tips on What to Pack for College during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

Tips on What to Pack for College during the COVID-19 Pandemic

What to pack is a new concern for students heading to college during the COVID-19 pandemic. Undoubtedly, they need to focus on safety and quarantine supplies. According to epidemiologists, students should bring the same items to help safeguard them from COVID-19 as they are recommended to utilize at homes, such as gloves, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, soap, and masks.

Common sense is the most important thing to bring while going back to college. So, let’s see what students should pack in their COVID bag:

1. Ice Pack and Lunch Box

Several colleges letting their candidates back on campus are providing just takeout food service. Reusable ice packs and insulated bags might help in case classes are not nearby the dining hall and a candidate does not want to go back and forth for eating.

2. Lots of Masks

Every college is offering students various resources as they head back to campus. Some are providing a disposable mask every day. However, only one mask may not be enough for some candidates; hence, sending them to college with lots of masks will help them keep safe and secure on campus.

Students need to bring disposable paper masks or cloth masks that are particularly designed for being used on the face. They must abstain from neck gaiters and bandanas as these are not more effective in safeguarding against the COVID-19. Students also need to bring breathable masks in case they plan for exercising.

3. Thermometer

Students need to keep a thermometer in their apartment or dorm for monitoring their temperature. If they have a fever, they should self-isolate accordingly. They must check their temperature daily before heading out for trying to prevent others from exposing to COVID-19 accidentally. In case students register a fever, they need to schedule an appointment to get a COVID-19 test instantly. For this, they can contact their student health center, or find out other testing sites. Albeit, it is probable to be COVID positive without fever, fever is the common sign and the prime reason for suspecting COVID-19 infection.

4. Disinfectant Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

In classroom buildings, college communities with dorms, and other shared spaces, students have fewer options but for touching surfaces that their companions have touched also. Students need to utilize disinfectant wipes for sterilizing surfaces that they have to touch like chairs and desks. After touching a public surface, they must utilize hand sanitizer that comprises at least 70% isopropyl alcohol or 60% ethyl alcohol as an active ingredient.

5. Health Insurance Data

Every student must get tested for Coronavirus regularly and they possibly will require their health insurance data. Several college students don’t visit the doctor or the student health center daily and may not have an insurance card or don’t know about their insurance coverage. So, before leaving, they must have this data and a plan of action to get tested.

Although many of these supplies might not stop the infection at the college during the COVID-19 pandemic, they may help in preventing other sicknesses, which could make the disease worse.

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