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Tips to Help Cope with Coronavirus Anxiety

The rise of the outbreak of Coronavirus has cluttered people’s lives worldwide. As the virus spreads, people are feeling uncertain, vulnerable and fearful with their answered questions like “Is my life at stake?” or “Will this virus also attack my community?” Undoubtedly, anxiety grows on this uncertainly. Because of major destructions to people’s regular lives, the possible effect of the outbreak on the global economy, and continuous media coverage of Coronavirus, numerous people are struggling to deal with their anxiety and stress associated with the situation. This stress and anxiety can disrupt your immune response, making you more vulnerable to be affected by COVID-19. Here are some expert tips to help Coronavirus anxiety given by mental health professionals to help you make a sense of normalcy and keep up with your mental health during this pandemic crisis.

1. Use Technology

As quarantine days continue, we will have to highly depend on technology. Video chat applications like Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, FaceTime help extroverts socialize with their relatives and friends while staying home. Use technology to enhance the mood of someone who is staying away from the family currently. Take benefit of resources like virtual workout and yoga classes, reading to kids, and online educational material. Parents staying home with kids whose schools are presently closed can use various online learning resources to make their kids busy.

2. Restrict News and Social Media Consumption

People who are spending a lot of time at home presently might find it difficult to disconnect from the round-the-clock news cycle. Mental health experts say that constantly reading fear- increasing data can extremely impact both anxiety and depression. So, you are recommended to restrict all social media and news consumption to less than 30 minutes daily.

3. Maintain a Schedule and Make a Sense of Normalcy

Staying home is not part of the daily routine for many people. Those who regularly go out for work are currently working from home. Since maximum people work on a regular schedule, they must change their schedule during this time for meeting their new limitations and making a sense of normalcy. Maintain a schedule to honor the habits and routines of your body. Wake up around a similar time every day, dress up, have breakfast, and create a list of tasks you need to do that day. Staying home and remaining quarantined can lead people to become bored and increase the possibilities of feeling anxious and depressed, but staying productive can give you a sense of normalcy.

4. Stay Busy

Distraction can help you refrain from the anxiety related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Harsh news headlines and the spread of wrong info on social platforms make it simple for people to become afraid. You should be updated and understand that several other things are there to concentrate on aside from the news to live a normal life.

During this outbreak, sanitize your hands properly to protect yourself against Coronavirus. Follow the aforesaid expert tips to help Coronavirus anxiety and stay healthy mentally and physically.

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