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What are the psychological effects of COVID-19 on children?

As the COVID-19 pandemic extends across the globe, it is causing a boundless fear, stress, and concern. All of these are normal and natural responses to the unpredictable and changing situation that everybody discovers them in. Apart from the effects of COVID-19 on children, the problem everybody facing is how we deal with and respond to the stressful condition maximizing so fast in our communities and lives.

We must draw on the notable strength of power and cooperation that we luckily have as humans. And this is what we should try to concentrate on for responding most efficiently to this crisis period as colleagues, friends, community members, family members, and individuals. World Health Organization takes the effect of the crisis on the psychological health of people very seriously and is checking the situation together with the authorities of the nation while offering guidance and data to the public and governments.

What Are The Effects Of The Coronavirus Pandemic On The Mental Health Of Children?

This is an unpredictable time for everybody, particularly for kids who encounter a huge disruption to their lives. Kids possibly encounter fear, anxiety, and worry, and this can incorporate fears that are similar to those encountered by adults like a fear of death, a fear of relatives’ death, or a fear of what it implies to get medical therapy. In case schools have closed as part of essential measures, kids may no more have that sense of stimulation and structure that is offered by that ambiance, and currently, they have fewer scopes to be with their pals and receive that social assistance that is required for good mental wellbeing.

Staying home can put some kids at more risks of, or more exposure to, kid protection incidents or make them experience interpersonal violence in case their house is not a secure space. This is something that is quite concerning.

Albeit all kids are alert to change, young kids may discover the transformations that have taken place tough to understand and both older and young kids may express anger and irritability. Kids may discover that they need to be closer to their parents, demands more and as a result, some parents may be under high pressure.

Easy tactics that can identify this can incorporate providing young kids the attention and love that they require resolving their fears and being transparent with kids, discussing what is occurring in a way that they can realize, even in case they are young. Kids are very sensitive and will imitate the ways of responding from their parents. Parents also require being supported in handling their stressors so that they can be ideals for their kids. If it is possible to help kids to discover ways for expressing them through creative functions and offer structure in the day through creating routines, especially if they will not go to school any longer, it can be beneficial for them.

Psychological support and mental health services can reduce the effects of COVID-19 on children and their mental health. Child protection services should change to make sure that the care is always available for the kids who require it.

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