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What to do if your friends and family are unsupportive of your depression

When it comes to mental health it has been getting more attention as a concept and how it can affect every one of us as an individual. But when we talk about the social environment it might not be always right for a person who is dealing with depression. Due to that a person might not feel a sense of acceptance, support and end up socially isolating himself which might not be the best-case scenario.

So here are some insights that might help if you are in the scenario or know someone who is.

  • Evaluate your entire social circle

If you think you are in a situation where you cannot talk about your mental well-being around your friends it's high time you might want to reconsider the company you keep. Yes, you cannot leave your family but cut people who make you feel bad about yourself. You do not need that kind of negativity in your life.

  • See a therapist

Support from your loved ones is paramount but what’s more important is the correct guidance from someone who has studied psychology and can give you clarity on important issues. Take an open and comprehensive approach towards therapy from doctors that listen to you and treat you in a way properly tailored for you.

  • Cut down on the intoxicants

When we talk about substance abuse alcohol can negatively impact you in a way that you don't even think is possible. Instead, take charge of your physical health , meditate when you can and work out regularly. You do not need a gym it could be as simple as doing some push-ups or going on a run. Physical exhaustion leads to a production of oxytocin and dopamine which are the feel-good hormones.

Try creative pursuits

It might sound weird but upon identifying several studies involving individuals with high levels of creativity, research has shown that there is a positive relationship between creativity and depressive mood. A low mood can help you give multiple perspectives on a lot of things and you can use it to make something beautiful too. It could be art, writing, or anything you think you can be good at.

Start loving yourself

Your depression is not your fault so please do not ever blame yourself for it. Stop looking at yourself as the problem and see yourself as the solution. No one can teach you to love yourself, you need to accept who you are and improve where you want to change an aspect that you might not like. We all have flaws and we all will always be flawed. But that is the true essence of being human.

Key Takeaway

Dealing with depression is very difficult and it becomes even more challenging when you don’t have the support you need from your family and friends. In that scenario what you can do is contact a professional who cares for you and work on the aspects that are in your control.

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