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What to Do When Other People Aren't Social Distancing

If you are strictly following the social distancing guidelines, possibilities are there are less careful people around you. Although

1. Viral Activity

If you click a photo of the individuals who are not following social distancing guidelines and post it on social platforms, you may think you are communicating well behavior. But simultaneously, you know that you are broadcasting a negative norm. So, it’s better to post an image of you with a mask and respond positively to others who do the same. And if this convinces only a few people and they follow it too, your behavior will become viral.

2. Control What You Can

Commanding others to follow you is something that won’t work and will generally cause frustration. You can just control yourself and cannot force others. For instance, you cannot force others to maintain distance while walking on the road, but you can take safety measures for staying as far from them as possible. Remember the worth of accepting the limits of what is possible to control. You need to accept and not resign.

3. Be Cautious Of Catastrophizing

Remember that the risk is little for catching the Coronavirus from very small changes in the social distancing rules. For instance, in case a fellow hiker slips and briefly comes within 5ft of you, it’s not possible that you have caught the virus. Although it might be annoying to feel like others are not following social distancing when they can keep their distance easily, refrain from making you more stressed than required.

4. Be Generous to Others

Every family member has a different point of view on what constituted proficient social distancing. Some are careful about maintaining social distancing practices while some are not. Try to make the most generous interpretation of why they are not being careful about social distancing. It may not be that they are uninformed, arrogant, or selfish. They might only have distinct knowledge about risk and might think they are very careful.

5. Communicate With Your Loved Ones Honestly

Make your family members or friends understand that you are worried about their social distancing practices. You may not alter their behavior or minds, but at least you will know you did your best to safeguard them. Be honest and clear about where your borderlines are. Do not pressurize them to change their behavior, but try to convince them with love.

When you see a family member living with you is not following social distancing, it’s the biggest challenge for you. Talk to your loved one openly about your worry, using positive communication.

Final Text

So, this is what to do when other people aren’t social distancing. Don’t force others but try to make them understand logically so they start following social distancing measures.

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