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Coping Strategies for Stress, Fear and Worry During Coronavirus Outbreak


Concerned about the news on the novel Coronavirus outbreak and the illness it causes? That makes good sense, but if you are struggling with obsessive thoughts, anxiety, and worries about your health, you might require extra support. This blog discusses some coping strategies for stress, fear, and worry during the Coronavirus outbreak to get you through this stressful time.

1. Eat Healthily

Stress and anxious feelings can impact your metabolism and eating habits. To fight these emotional disorders, beware of everything that triggers stress eating, and be prepared for fighting the urge. Maintain a healthy diet that nourishes you and arms you nutritionally to cope with your stress better.

2. Set Restrictions around Social Media and News

You should definitely be prepared and updated. Simultaneously, continuous watching, reading, or listening to disappointing media coverage can deepen your agitation and worry unnecessarily. If you get the urge for checking updates, notice the urge, see whether you can pause, delay working on your urge, and pass it with no judgment. Set a particular time for checking the news rather. You can take breaks from communications with others regarding Coronavirus and talk about other topics.

3. Work out Daily

Since gyms are closed now and you need to follow social distancing guidelines, you can possibly get in aerobic exercises like hiking, running, walking, or playing with your children. These all can help discharge endorphins that can make you feel better by maintaining a positive attitude. You can do some other exercises in the comfort of your house. Do yoga and stretching as they are easy to do and calm your body and mind.

4. Accept Your Feelings

Whatever you feel, acknowledge it that way. Permit yourself time for observing and expressing your feelings. You can do this through channeling your emotions into something creative, talking with others, or journaling. Yoga and meditation can help you stay grounded during an emotional storm. Moreover, you can learn how to testify and let feelings and thoughts come and go naturally, without getting affected by them.

5. Get Proper Sleep and Take Good Rest

This altering news environment can make a lot of fear, stress and worry that increase if you don’t get sufficient sleep. At present, it is more important to get the suggested amount of sleep to stay focused on your work and coping with the stress the present outbreak can bring. You are recommended to abstain from stimulants like nicotine, caffeine, and alcohol before bed. In case you find yourself very stressed for sleeping, ponder creating a new pre-bedtime regime, incorporating a cup of caffeine-free herbal tea or a long bath. Plan for tomorrow earlier as it can reduce stress associated with what is to come.


Following these coping strategies for stress, fear, and worry during the Coronavirus outbreak can go a long way to help you manage the altering ambiance and keep everything around you focused and calm. In case you cannot handle your stress or worry on your own, reach out to a behavioral wellness expert right away!

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