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Dr. stephon martin md

Adult and Child Psychiatry Fellow

Welcome! My name is Dr. Stephon Martin. I completed my undergraduate degree at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, medical school at Boston University, and residency training at Jackson Hospital / University of Miami. I’ve spent years treating a vast array of psychiatric conditions including ADHD, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, psychosis, and drug addiction.

I use a holistic approach that combines basic improvements in fitness and nutrition with an understanding of the most up to date research in medication and therapeutic modalities. Patient focused care and an appreciation of the day-to-day impact that our mental health has on us guides our design of therapeutic strategies and accomplishment of our treatment goals.

In addition to being a mental health provider, I am a passionate advocate for social justice reform, a regular at the local gym, a rabid NBA fan and the dog father to a sweet and goofy Frenchie. Say hi if you see us at the park!

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