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Dr. Justin Nepa, DO

Medical Director

Board Certified in Psychiatry

I'm Dr. Justin Nepa, a board-certified psychiatrist located in Davie / Fort Lauderdale Area, specializing in a combination of medication management and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy based psycho-therapeutic approaches for adults and adolescents suffering from mental health ailments.

I take a holistic approach to psychiatric treatment, recognizing the many factors that contribute to symptoms. I take the time with each client to discuss their goals and unique strengths and challenges. I believe that the practice of Psychiatry should go beyond just the relief of symptoms and should include approaches that help each client reach their full potential. I also have experience with helping patient get off of medications that they have been experiencing unwanted side effects. 

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee and graduated  University of Tennessee - Knoxville with a degrees in Psychology and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. I went to medical school at Lincoln Memorial University - DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine and then completed psychiatry residency training at University Hospital and Medical Center in Tarmac, Florida. I work currently as teaching faculty with Palm Beach Consortium Graduate Medical Education and help with supervision of psychiatric residents and service as medical director of Refresh Psychiatry and Therapy.


"I use a 'less is more' approach to medication management and you will never feel judged."

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