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Telepsychiatry is a modern solution for several mental health issues. This growing industry helps you get all the advantages of visiting a psychiatrist or counselor, without visiting their clinic at all. Increasing access to care while limiting time in the waiting room.

At Refresh Psychiatry, we provide telemedicine services in Davie, Florida to put patients in connection with mental health experts through different applications. In a world full of noise, this new way of interaction with health professionals really does wonders for individuals in need.

How Does Telepsychiatry Service Work?

  • You must have a laptop or desktop or smartphone with an active internet connection.

  • Our clinic will send you the link through email our patient portal.

  • Once you sign the consent forms electronically, we will set up the appointment time and date.

  • You will have to download a video chat app.

Benefits of Telepsychiatry Services

  • No waiting in a doctor’s clinic

  • No driving or issue of getting stuck in a traffic jam

  • Online appointments at your convenient place and time

  • No paper prescription; directly electronic Rx to the clinic immediately

  • Simple access to your psychiatrist

Our telepsychiatry services connect psychiatrists and other mental health experts with their patients through online video sessions. Telepsychiatry reduces the requirement of a physician or patient to travel to a clinic. With our telehealth platform, video chat sessions can be done from anywhere – everything you require is an active internet connection and a webcam. This type of flexibility and convenience maximizes your outreach and availability, making it simpler to offer the patients the most vigilant care where and when they require it. Regular behavioral therapy and counseling are improved when patients can join video sessions from the comfort of their houses.

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