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Pharmacogenomic Analysis Services in Davie, Florida

Individualized Treatments

Refresh Psychiatry is a global provider of pharmacogenomic analysis services in Davie, Florida. As a pioneer of this field, we create tailored medicines by supporting clinical research firms and pharmaceutical companies to combine pharmacogenomics efficiently into their drug development programs to offer more effective and secure drugs to market faster.

An Array of Pharmacogenomic Solutions for Your Requirements

Pharmacogenomics helps us understand why people respond to meds differently. This field of genomics and science enables us to expect the response of a person to medicine, helping us choose drugs over others. Moreover, it has the capacity of helping produce safe, effective medications and drugs personalized to a person’s genetic formation.

Not everybody responds to medicines similarly. A drug that works properly for others may not work perfectly for you and could output some side effects as well. In Florida, negative drug reactions lead to a large number of hospitalizations and are a big reason behind deaths in hospitalized individuals. Pharmacogenomic analysis service helps prevent harmful drug reactions by pre-detecting patients at risk. Our pharmacogenomic analysis will research your genetic profile to decide what drugs are a perfect fit for you or dangerous for your health before you can take any medication. We try our best to help you get the right medication more quickly, abstaining from potentially life-threatening side effects.

With the better specification of patient populations, our pharmacogenomic analysis solutions help eradicate drug failure rates by helping adjust patients’ exposure to medications depending on their drug response genotype. Hence, it’s an extra advantage of producing drugs that might not be accepted or withdrawn otherwise to become accessible to patients with compatible pharmacogenomic profiles.

In case you require help in choosing the right solution for your laboratory or clinic, lay your hands on our pharmacogenomic analysis services in Davie, Florida.

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