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Positive Affirmations for Social Anxiety: Do’s and Don’ts

In case you are living with SAD (social anxiety disorder), you should think about utilizing positive affirmations for social anxiety reduction. This will be the most effective way to enhance your self-confidence and eliminate anxiety. Studies say that self-affirmations prevent you from harming yourself. Moreover, higher self-confidence has been evident to anticipate less anxious responses.

Read this blog and you will find some Dos and Don’ts of positive affirmations for eliminating social anxiety!

1. Don’t Follow Negative Coping Strategies

The negative mental and emotional conditions related to social anxiety can cause physiological symptoms that make the anxiety of an individual worse and cause further loneliness. These physiological symptoms incorporate loss of appetite, upset stomach, muscle stiffness, and sweaty hands.

Even if you find yourself in an unavoidable social situation, don’t fall into the trap. For example, don’t drink alcohol in an office event, even if people try to force you. Don’t try to blunt your social anxiety symptoms through any negative coping strategy. It will end up making your anxiety worse. Drinking alcohol can increase mood disorder, anxiety, and other associated symptoms like disrupted sleep patterns.

2. Always Try to Listen to Your Feelings

How do you feel while repeating an affirmation? In case it makes you feel better, then just go for it by all means. In case it makes you feel bad, don’t just follow it anymore.

3. Don’t Hide Your Fears, Just Face Them

In case you encounter social anxiety disorder, simply abstain from involving in social situations by following social media or doing other functions on your smartphone device. For instance, our smartphone gadgets have become a tool that offers fast, short, and instant satisfaction, which triggers our emotions most.

Furthermore, hiding your fears or emotion behind a smartphone gadget will just avoid identifying the social anxiety disorder. Although it may appear scary and unreasonable at first, it’s far better to face the anxiety, through slow exposure to highly critical social situations.

4. Adjust Your Unpleasant Feelings to Make Yourself Feel Good

In case you are suffering from depression and self-esteem, just say to yourself that you are very confident and happy. This will possibly feel absurd and make an inner resistance to such words. So, find a statement that feels more real and is more neutral also. You might think that you feel stronger and better every day.

In short, find your own statements to make yourself feel better. The main point is to make positive, new feelings, not only to pronounce some words. You can give those words a meaning that has emotions. In case you cultivate positive feelings through regular affirmations, your feelings will develop and become a natural part of your life.

Bottom Lines

Are you committed to winning over your social anxiety disorder? Want to face it from every side? Then take some positive affirmations for social anxiety and put them into practice. It will help you develop inner peace and self-esteem as well. Stay connected with Refresh Psychiatry to learn more about how positive affirmations work for reducing social anxiety disorder.

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